In June of 2020, more than a dozen artists collaborated on a large mural in Battle Creek, Michigan, bringing attention to the Black Lives Matter movement. In August of 2020, vandals defaced most of the mural by rolling over it with white paint, sparking an immediate response from the community. Volunteers came together through the night to scrub as much of the fresh white paint off the mural as possible, and a fund was created to raise money for its full restoration, plus lighting and other measures to both protect the mural and enhance the beauty of the general area.

100% of the proceeds from sales of this item will go toward the restoration project for this wall.

Justin Andert, founder of the Color the Creek festival which organized the original mural project offered the following comment. "Definitely the intent was to wash out these messages and wash out this representation," Andert said. "I think we know they were trying to erase these messages and create some kind of a stir in the community. But unfortunately for them, they really created a rallying point and something that we are going to build off of in a positive way. We'll keep repainting and we'll keep scrubbing, just as long as we have to."


These stickers are printed on durable, high opacity adhesive vinyl which makes them perfect for regular use, as well as for covering other stickers or paint. The high-quality vinyl ensures there are no bubbles when applying the stickers.

• High opacity film that’s impossible to see through
• Fast and easy bubble-free application
• Durable vinyl, perfect for indoor use
• 95µ density

Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the sticker.

"Restore the Art" Battle Creek Fundraiser Stickers


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